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Welcome to WBS Coatings - We save you worry

Leave it to Us for Commercial Coatings in Grand Junction & Denver CO and Win Peace of Mind.

Looking great is part of the fun, but colorful coatings that reflect sunlight mean much more than image. Paint is important. When it comes to the performance of commercial coatings applied to protect your assets – WBS Coatings leads the way. Your project must be fully complete and the quality needs to be just right. That’s where we come in.  Our friends call us, “DENALI,” after the largest mountain in Alaska. Our BIG JOB DNA brought this nickname about and we truly understand why.

35+ years of operating

Experience has forged a basis of competence and knowledge uncommon in the industry. When you are ready to ignite a relationship with a commercial coatings outfit worthy of your trust, let’s sit down and talk. Our handshake is solid & we exceed stringent expectation.

WBS Coatings provides Worth Beyond Spec.

You expect the project specification to be thoroughly met; beyond this you want to see a level of care and competent process that puts you at ease.

It’s all about the Bond

Our delivery on promise makes our relationship with your company thrive. Our word is our bond. Your satisfaction continues to deepen as the adhesion of our paint reveals the quality we invested. From surface preparation and primer application, to topcoats that seal and protect, we support your project success at the molecular level.

Polyuria Liners

Secondary Containments to EPA required specifications or as needed. Gravel Separator Boxes. Polyuria is like a heavy duty pickup truck bed-liner that can be utilized in an amazing range of applications.

Industrial Coating

Giant Energy Field Industrial, Tanks, Gas & Oil Plants, Pipelines

Commercial Painting

Hospitals & Medical Facilities, Schools, Theaters, Fire Stations, Government Buildings, Apartment Buildings, Condominium Complexes, Malls…

Industrial Coating

Industrial Coating

Polyuria Liners

Polyuria Liners

Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

We are WBS Coatings Inc.

The letters WBS stand for Worth Beyond Spec – and this is the heart of what we stand for and who we are as we respectfully enter your view.


When you pay for commercial or industrial coatings work you expect value, you expect worth and you expect performance. You provide us the specs or ‘Specifications,’ and expect that you receive the job completed as ordered. With WBS Coatings you receive more than this, you get the trade work you want properly accomplished and you get something more. WORTH BEYOND SPEC is added value. Worth Beyond Spec is trustworthiness that gives you peace of mind. WBS represents actual meaning in our handshake.


3PEnergy Field Coatings is our official title for the wide variety of energy field coatings we perform. 3P, our industrial division, is dialed-in to the special application circumstances, spec range and safety requirements the energy industry requires. We are an ISNetWorld contractor and DOT compliant.

DENALI Coatings Command. “DENALI” for short.


Something about our company DNA loves Big Jobs. We call this our BIG JOB DNA. We thrive on the tougher, larger jobs that many paint companies cannot accomplish. It takes focus and a lot of communication to deliver these greater challenge tasks on time and done right the first time; and challenge fuels our passion. When you don’t want to hear excuses about how the scope of a job exceeded operational capability, turn to the mountain, DENALI Coatings Command.


We understand the unique features of TOP SIZE Commercial and Industrial Coatings; the equipment needs are specialized and the organizational leadership and management systems must accommodate the greater scope. Our BIG JOB DNA puts all projects within reach. “It is all about the Bond.” Our word to you, our valued client, drives our elevated commitment to surface preparation and the durability of the coatings we deliver. It is good to meet you, thank you for entering our cyberspace, we look forward to doing business…


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