Commercial Painting



Medical Centers including VA

Public & Private Schools and University Facilities

Cinema Theatres

Fire Stations

Recreation Centers


Convention Centers


Monolithic Epoxy Flooring (special request)

Commercial Painting from Grand Junction CO

We most enjoy handling TOP SIZE Commercial Coatings. Our BIG JOB DNA brings within reach any stretch you may require from a coatings firm. DENALI Coatings Command – WBS Coatings is the only coatings contractor you will ever need. We are focused on maintaining excellent commercial painting customer relationships and this puts the backline where it belongs: your satisfaction.


Through our 35+ YEAR History, complex projects have come to successful completion through the diligence, creativity and good old fashioned hard work of our versatile team. We regularly tackle the detailed specifications for commercial painting of government school safety standards, hospital X-ray facility stipulations, fire service engine torque VS bay floor epoxy and meet any and all extreme or specialized service standards. Our experience, organization and leadership development strategies have proven effective in a wide range of territories, climates, and extenuating circumstances. Please see the Portfolio Page to review projects completed and to evaluate the quality of our references. We have been there and done that, but we stay humble because we know you may be our most particular, scrutinizing client yet!!


Powerful paint solutions require careful coordination and strategic planning that superintendents can admire. Don’t let little fly-by-night fish tangle your project progression – turn to the mountain; DENALI Coatings Command – WBS Coatings.


Honestly, we enjoy what we do. For the DENALI Team, the puzzles presented by the coatings work site prove a pleasant challenge. Our BIG JOB DNA likes the exercise, the stretch and the strategic demands that your detailed specifications require.


Honor to the trade of painting is alive with us. We don’t want your money unless you get real bang for your buck. Quality at the large project commercial level doesn’t happen by magic. Our vendors don’t seem to offer a product that jumps out of cans onto walls. This means we need to pony-up as human beings have down through the centuries measuring out discipline and fine-tuned skill against the construction or maintenance task at hand. True, technology is with us; we use cutting edge spray equipment. Still, at the end of the day, it is our field team that oversees and applies the vast production and final touch. We know it matters to you that we back our handshake by hand. That is Worth Beyond Spec.

Commercial Painting Grand Junction CO