Denali Coatings Command

Diamond glint of sun on snow – the greatness of the mountain Denali in Alaska that towers above the American Continent, has come to be our namesake and symbol. Thin air at the venerable summit; sunrise bringing light to the myriad animals powerfully sheltered. We strive to accomplish heroic standards of teamwork, discipline, strategy and trust. The illusive great white sheep of the north displays majestic traction- a mysterious embodiment of the principles we live by and strive always to fulfill.


denalilogoThe elements our coatings combat and the skirmishes involved in choreographing best quality coatings are all a part of life. Our BIG JOB DNA makes us thrive on the tougher scales of large scope coatings projects.


We look forward to seeing you out there in your places of planning, boardrooms and amongst the vast expanse of job sites where coatings must commence…


Our sincere thanks to you for visiting our website. “Its all about the Bond” – and that bond starts now between you and us. We hope you will put us to the test so you can enjoy the Worth Beyond Spec WBS Coatings delivers. For us, it’s not just work – we live a dynamic work adventure, with your trust at the center.