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Industrial Coating from Grand Junction CO

We accomplish the nitty-gritty from blast specs to millimeters per coat. logosOur BIG JOB DNA puts us at the top of your list for industrial coatings firms that can handle the big scope of energy work. 3P – Energy Field Coatings, our industrial division, is tuned to tackle your tough coatings demands.


In the world of Industrial Coatings, you don’t really know what you paid for until a few years go by and the shine is still securely bonded and keeping the elements at bay or the peeling, spawling or chalkiness is starting to show that you wasted you money and cut a check to pesky bond bandits. The name, Providence Pipe Paint (3P), reveals our long-standing partnership with the energy industry. We like to think of the divisions of the company as aspects of the mountain. Keep it simple, our friends call us, “DENALI.” We offer a variety of specialized and customized solutions to energy field coatings needs. Our scope of work ranges from substrate prep to epoxy and urethane coatings for abrasive environments.



WBS Coatings delivers Worth Beyond Spec; trustworthiness means a lot in this field as you have come to learn. The failures of outgunned painters may annoy, but we don’t judge – they just don’t know what it takes to go BIG. When you need a small army to coat your valuable facilities remember our 35+ Years of experience, our larger lifts and squadron of spray pumps. Our BIG JOB DNA makes us the strategic favorite when the chips are down, the specs are set and challenges abound.


“Its all about the Bond.” We keep our focus where it should be so we can keep making good on our handshake. When we ink the deal and you turn us loose to protect your goods, our highest priority is maintaining your trust. This is easier said than done, as you know how demanding you can be – and this is where our work ethic and team principles enable us to overcome competitors.


Talk to your Cathodic Engineers! These experts in managing corrosion in metal know the meaning of coatings inside and out. Set your specs close and right in accordance with the overarching metal protection game-plans; then, call in the expert coaters – you are in our cyberspace now and we look forward to dovetailing operational safety standards while addressing your assets. We are an ISNetWorld contractor and DOT compliant.


It is our abiding effort towards the accomplishment of quality control to maintain internal standards of coatings application performance to a degree of strictness and stringency beyond the requirements of client inspectors. You might say we are hard on ourselves. We feel this will make you happy.




Sandblasting has become part of how we breathe and move about the earth – second nature, like knowing the way back to your own home. We use silica free blast media in high quality equipment with air supply hoods and temperature control so we stay safe while we are boots on your ground. Surface preparation is king in the science of long lasting protection for your valuable investment projects and we don’t cut corners. We are blasters at heart who feel great reward in dialed-in detail work that shows endurance and the character that drives real quality.


Ironically, it is our BIG JOB DNA that drives us to think on the molecular level about product adhesion. Protecting the span of important outdoor facilities requires close accuracy throughout each project phase. Staying strong on quality when the heat is on or the cold winds blow is the stuff that composes our team pride. 3P – Energy Field Coatings by DENALI Coatings Command.