Polyurea Coatings, Linings & Containments

What is this GREAT Stuff?!!


 (Believe the DENALI Team, you want to know…)

Polyurea is significantly SELF-HEALING. Poly has excellent crack-bridging properties because of its high elongation and tensile strength.

It’s very powerful adhesion to a wide array of substrates reduces or eliminates moisture and chemical penetrations – this makes Polyurea an ideal coating for preventing corrosion. • The amazing speed of its drying time enables application to vertical or horizontal surfaces to virtually any needed thickness. Combined with its fast application, Polyurea gets you back in business faster.

Add in the extreme resistance to temperatures, chemicals and abrasion and now you are starting to realize that you can use this GREAT Stuff!!

Industrial Applications

Tank and pipe coatings and linings

Waste water basins

Secondary containment for tanks & reactors

Machinery Beds and Parts

Commercial Applications


Utility & Multifunction Decks

Water Parks and Playgrounds (Potable Poly!)

Roof Coating

Joint Fill, Ultra Magnum Caulking

Water Reservoirs

Architectural Design

Aquariums & Ponds


1 - Russ's Cabin Pond Gateway CO Polyurea Liner

Polyurea Coating | Grand Junction CO

Unless you are familiar with Polyurea, you may not be able to truly understand its amazing properties and wide variety of applications. (Poly nerds like us also feel you are missing out on one of the greatest parts of industrial existence, but we won’t mention that!)


So you need TOUGH industrial linings? You found ‘em! Our BIG JOB DNA drove us to hunt for the most durable, abrasion resistant, fastest setting coatings product around and we have it ready for you. DENALI Coatings Command maintains multiple customized trailer-mounted reactors and trained installation experts to outfit your liner situation with this, “Work Horse,” coating.


Polyurea has both energy field and commercial applications. One wonderful use is as a liner under oil and gas systems where the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency requires secondary containment against potential spills. Our industrial division, 3P – Energy Field Coatings, is able to adjust grade, build containment walls and spray-line with Poly to suit the industry and regulatory requirements of your location and specific situation. We’ll find a way to get it done, and done right the first time. A recent client in the USA for this application had run off a prior contractor due to poor quality work and was leery – once bitten twice shy. When they saw DENALI 3P in action they breathed a big sigh of relief. Competence brings peace of mind. We would post photos of the ousted contractor workers, but resolution was blurry on account of how fast they were running away from the site!


Now consider a specialized application that can be used in commercial or industrial circumstances: There are many types of large equipment that can have Poly applied to heavy-ware parts. This permits extended utilization of the equipment, such as gravel separators and many types of heavily impacted hopper-type basin structures, as well as fast dry liner repair for getting immediately back to work. Like us, you are always looking for clever ways to stay on budget and on deadline. Time is money and the durability and fast set up of Polyurea coating protects your site, equipment and bottom line margins.


Simply put, Polyurea coating is like an immediately drying pickup truck bed liner only thicker, tougher, meaner and more dependable against leaks, wear and abrasion. It can be walked on within seconds after application. You know your line of work – take a moment to get creative, in what way would this wildly useful product benefit your operation? Links are provided to help answer questions and provide further insight. Give us a call to talk over the endless possibilities and get a sense of cost and service timing.