Polyurea Coating Services in Arizona

WBS Coatings is committed to providing Arizona with the most durable, abrasion resistant, fastest setting polyurea spray. It is similar to truck bed liner, but thicker, tougher, and more dependable against leaks and abrasion. Polycoat dries quickly, which makes it a viable option for applying multiple layers on both vertical and horizontal surfaces in short amount of time. Whether you need waterproofing, equipment protection, or containment lining, polyurea has a wealth of uses for both industrial and commercial settings .

Commercial Applications for Polyurea in Arizona

WBS Coatings provides Arizona with a host of high-quality, long-lasting commercial polycoat options. Our coatings can withstand extended exposure to water, which makes them perfect for a lobby pond, aquarium, even waterparks. Our coatings are environmentally friendly and will not harm any of your aquatic creatures. If your business collects a large amount of water in reservoirs, our quick drying polyurea coatings will seal up those containers and protect them from corrosion. We also provide a line of aesthetically pleasing polycoat flooring options for Arizona businesses. Additionally, our polyurea coating services extend to roofing, facades, joint caulking, multi-function decks, and playgrounds. You can count on our expert technicians for proper application of your protective coatings, keeping your property working for years to come.

Industrial Applications for Polyurea in Arizona

WBS Coatings provides a slew of quality, durable industrial polyurea coating services in Arizona. We can protect your truck beds with the most durable, abrasion resistant, and fastest drying polyurea. Our polycoat is perfect for protecting the various machine parts subject to intense wear and tear from constant movement and friction. We thrive on large pipe coating projects—tackling them with the most efficient approach and tools. If you want to keep your industrial tanks or waste water basins working for decades, trust our company to provide a superior polyurea coating.

Polyurea Containment and Lining Services in Arizona

Polyurea is most commonly used as a liner for containment structures underneath oil and gas systems as a secondary precaution to protect against spills. Polyurea can be walked on within minutes of application, which makes it great for urgent containment needs. Additionally, our polyurea is great for lining industrial or commercial tanks and piping. We are focused on customer service and will help you determine the correct containment and lining options to suit your needs.

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