Heat Resistant Paint & Fireproof Spray in Bismarck, ND

Bismarck is often cold. Heaters run day and night and sometimes overheat, and in some cases can lead to a fire. Before a fire starts, let’s think about the possible prevention steps you can take. WBS Coatings can spray fireproof or heat resistant paint in and around your building to make it safer and ready to stand up to a fire. Our area of expertise is to defend Bismarck with fireproof paint. Let WBS Coatings ensure your protection today.

Bismarck Professionals Specializing in Intumescent Paint

Normal Paint doesn’t resist heat and fire very well. It’s generally made as cheaply as possible with vibrant colors and no thought whatsoever to safety. Intumescent paint, or fireproof paint, hardly reacts at all to temperatures under 248 degrees Fahrenheit. When it is heated above that, it simply works on a molecular level to avoid catching fire. It expands, then it creates char, which like charcoal doesn’t conduct heat very well, and it also releases moisture which had a cooling effect. It is made specifically with safety in mind. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it could quite possibly save your life someday. Help us protect every Bismarck business.

Heat Resistant Paint in Bismarck

Heat resistant paint should cover every building in Bismarck. It is extremely safe, not only for walls, but for concrete and steel. It helps keep substances cooler for as long as possible to make the failure rate as late as possible. Heaters in Bismarck can run almost year-round and overheating is a real possibility. Why not let us cover the room in heat resistant paint? That way your Bismarck business is safer.

Excellent Fireproofing Spray in Bismarck

If you knew you could prevent a forest fire, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to do just that? Of course you would. Well, you have a similar opportunity to help prevent disaster long before it strikes so that it may never strike at all. We are talking about fireproofing spray. Every surface sprayed is safer than it was before, and you can rest easy knowing you have done your part to guard your Bismarck business. Let us know as soon as we can help you.

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