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WBS Coatings is here to help and do the hard work needed to provide quality commercial or industrial coating in Casper. If it can be built, then our expert contractors have the drive and determination to paint it, coat it with polyurea, provide fireproofing, or a combination of everything. Our operational mobile facilities let our contractors provide exceptional services no matter how remote the location in Casper. From day one, we have been committed to using sound environmental practices and making sure our workmanship meets a “Green Seal Standard” at every job. It is our pledge to keep an open line of communication, so you receive the best customer service throughout the process.

Industrial Painting Contractors in Casper

If you want to add corrosion and abrasion resistance to your industrial equipment and machines, look no further than WBS Coatings. Our painters in Casper never cut corners; they properly prepare the surfaces they are covering to ensure a bond that will stand the test of time. Our contractors have a wealth of experience with pipelines, tank batteries, EPA containments, and more, and but can take on any industrial coating project in Casper no matter how intricate or complex the specifications.

Commercial Painting Services Offered in Casper

If you are looking for a painting contractor to provide commercial painting that goes above and beyond, then turn to WBS Coatings. Our teams are well-versed in the careful coordination and strategic planning that is required to efficiently paint a commercial space. In addition to decoration work, we paint with products that are designed for weather protection and fireproofing. We strive to be the only commercial painting company you turn to in Casper and one that you would happily recommend to friends or family.

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Inspections Services Available in Casper

Safety is a top priority here at WBS Coatings, which is why we offer the invaluable service of inspections in Casper. We provide professional, impartial, examinations of any coating—whether we applied it or a different contractor—as well as welds and bridges. If any issues are noticed by our inspectors, they will draft a solution to correct the problem. Additionally, we provide weld and bridge inspections in Casper where we check on their durability, integrity, and overall condition.

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Our professional coating and painting contractors are here to bring you the quality commercial coating and painting services you need, at competitive pricing. Don't wait for damage to show itself to ensure the protection and safety of your property and equipment; contact WBS Coatings today!

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WBS Coating is a national painting and coating company. Our team is experienced polyurea painters and coaters. Our team offers primer industrial coating and painting services for industrial and commercial business.