Bridge, Coating & Weld Inspections in Casper, WY

In addition to the wide range of paint and coating services we offer, WBS Coatings also does inspections of facilities in Casper. We have the qualifications to inspect coatings, bridges, and welding work. Safety is our priority, and no matter who did the original labor, our inspectors will provide an honest, professional, and unbiased evaluation. If we discover any problems, we will provide a plan of action to correct the issue. We strive to create long-term connections with our Casper customers so that WBS Coatings can become their go-to source when they need work assessed.

Experienced Bridge Inspection Company in Casper

You can rest assured that when you hire WBS Coatings for a bridge inspection, we will conduct a thorough evaluation of its structural integrity. We are a proud to be bridge inspection company that is known in Casper to do honest work, performing all assessments with unparalleled attention to detail. Safety is our focus and we will guarantee that your operations are secure and the bridge is safe to use. It is our commitment to customer service that sets us apart from other inspection companies in Casper.

Casper Weld Inspections and Certifications

If your business is looking for documentation and certification of its welding services, WBS Coatings provides high-quality weld inspections in Casper. Our inspections will guarantee that your welds are sound so your equipment and products can be used safely. A quality welder is costly, and our weld inspections are a wise measure to ensure your money is well spent. Our confidence in our workmanship comes from over thirty-five years of hard work, experience, and unwavering commitment to customer service.

Providing Honest Coating Inspections in Casper

In addition to applying it, we also do coating inspections in Casper. Whether our contractors applied the coating or a different company did, we promise that all examinations in Casper are executed in a professional, unbiased manner. A coating inspection will eliminate any worries that your money was spent on subpar service, where it will flake off or allow the underlying material to corrode. We take all concerns of our clients in Casper seriously so they can have years of confidence in their coatings.

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