Heat Resistant Paint & Fireproof Spray in Casper, WY

Fire is an unpredictable prospect, which is why WBS Coatings offers a wide array of fire protection products in Casper. From intumescent paints to fireproofing sprays, we can tackle any fireproofing project no matter how large or detailed. If you have any questions about fireproof paints, our expert staff will walk you through all their various pros and cons to find the right product for you and your budget. Customer service is the foundation of our nearly four decades of success, and we always accept challenges and exceed expectations in Casper.

Intumescent Paint Options Available in Casper

Intumescent paint is designed to delay the failure point of structural steel when it is exposed to high temperatures. It does not burn, but rather reacts with heat, rapidly expanding to form an insulating barrier. Intumescent paint can also provide a wonderful decorative finish to steel structures while simultaneously protecting the bones of the building. The product can additionally be used to protect and safeguard wood structures, piping, electrical boxes, and cables in Casper.

Fireproof Paints for Casper Commercial Settings

WBS Coatings provides Casper businesses with first-class fire protection services. Our fireproof sprays and paints can add an extra level of security to your property so it may be able to withstand the horrible effects of flames. Our range of fireproofing sprays and paints will add an additional measure of protection to your building and the devices you use every day in Casper. Our work ethic drives us to never cut corners and make absolutely sure that we are helping lower risk inside and outside commercial settings in Casper.

Heat Resistant Paint for Casper Industrial Purposes

WBS Coatings is committed to protecting the industrial equipment and machines your Casper company uses every day. We offer heat resistant paints that are designed to shield internal parts from friction damage. Additionally, our heat resistant coatings will keep your equipment running even when exposed to extreme temperatures from a direct flame. Our mission is to provide Casper with not only the best in fireproof paint options, but also the best customer service in the business.

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