Polyurea Coating Services in Casper, WY

When it comes to abrasion, corrosion, and water-resistance qualities, there is no other coating that compares to polyurea. It works great as a liner for truck beds, as well as protection for equipment and machinery. WBS Coatings uses a version of the coating that dries almost instantly, which makes it useful for applying multiple coats on horizontal and vertical surfaces in rapid succession. We provide Casper the most corrosion and abrasion resistant, waterproof, and quick setting polyurea on the market.

Polyurea Coatings for Commercial Use in Casper

WBS Coatings provides a slew of high-grade, long-lasting polyurea coatings for commercial needs. With the ability to tolerate extend exposure to water (and posing no harm to animals or humans), this material is a great for an office koi pond, aquarium, or waterpark. This type of coating is also perfect for adding extra protection to roofs, facades, decks, and play structures in Casper. Polyurea serves as an excellent floor coating and comes in a multitude of professional colors. Additionally, it acts corrosion and leak prevention for water reservoirs that collect a large volume of liquids at Casper properties.

Polycoat for Casper Industrial Settings

WBS Coatings is Casper’s leading choice for industrial polyurea coatings. Our Polycoat technicians have the tools to tackle large and complex industrial projects such as pipe fences, holding tanks, machine beds and parts, waste water basins, and much more. We have not met an industrial coating job in Casper that we could not tackle with the use of Polycoat. We know that time is not a luxury in an industrial setting, which is why we use quick-drying Polycoat so that your equipment is out of use for as little time as possible.

Containment and Lining Services in Casper

WBS Coatings provides Casper with high-quality, water-tight polyurea lining for pipes, tanks and containment units. Its primary use is to act as a liner for containments beneath oil and gas systems to manage spills. Polyurea coatings dry almost instantly, which makes them an excellent lining material for quick spill control. Our coating professionals in Casper have the experience and tools to shoulder any containment job.

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