Bridge, Coating & Weld Inspections in Colorado Springs, CO

Inspection is one of the most important services that WBS Coatings offers in Colorado Springs. Not only do we inspect our own work, but also inspect coatings applied by other companies. We carry out all our inspections in a professional and impartially honest manner—our goal is always safety. Should we discover any issues, we can correct them if you so desire. We keep a host of inspectors on standby, prepared to determine the integrity of your structures and equipment. We want to build a long-lasting relationship with your company so that we can be your go-to provider for weld, bridge, and coating inspections.

Bridge Inspection Company in Colorado Springs

WBS Coatings services Colorado Springs with meticulous bridge inspections to guarantee the structure is safe for use. It is a point of pride that we are the most credible bridge inspection company in Colorado Springs. This is because we are committed to going above and beyond the bare minimum. Safety is our number one concern at WBS Coatings, and that impels us to provide a frank and professional inspection of a bridge’s structural integrity.

Weld Inspection Company in Colorado Springs

WBS Coatings’ weld inspections are a great way to provide documentation and certification of welds done in Colorado Springs. Safety is key for us, and our weld inspections ensure that the union of the pieces of metal is sound and operational. A quality, experienced, welder is an investment—our weld inspections are simply an additional step to ensure your investment is sound.

Coating Inspections in Colorado Springs

Not only does WBS Coatings provide excellent application of coatings, we also provide inspection. We will thoroughly inspect coatings done by our contractors and those of other companies. These coating inspections will be unbiased and professional. Discover whether your industrial or commercial coat was applied properly by utilizing our inspection services. Our inspectors have an open ear and will accommodate any concerns you may have.

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