Polyurea Coating Services in Colorado Springs, CO

WBS Coatings is dedicated to providing Colorado Springs with the most durable, abrasion resistant, and fastest setting polyurea coatings. It provides numerous benefits including protection against corrosion and abrasion, as well as waterproofing equipment and containers. Polycoats dry almost instantly, making them a practical option for applying multiple coats on vertical and horizontal surfaces in a relatively short span of time. Polyurea has a myriad of uses—whether you need containment lining, equipment or machine parts protection, or fire/heat proofing, we have a polycoat to suit your needs.

Commercial Applications for Polyurea in Colorado Springs

WBS Coatings is Colorado Springs’ source for high-quality, long-lasting, commercial polyurea coatings. Our polycoats can tolerate extended exposure to water and are environmentally friendly, making them a great solution for a lobby koi pond or aquarium—even a waterpark. If your company routinely collects a large volume of water, our quick drying polyurea will seal any leaks or prevent corrosion of your storage containers. Our polyurea floor coatings come in a multitude of stylish colors—adding character while simultaneously protecting your flooring. Furthermore, our polycoats will work tremendously on roofs, facades, joints that need caulking, multi-function decks, and playgrounds. You can always count on WBS Coatings to go above and beyond to ensure your commercial polyurea coatings stand the test of time.

Industrial Applications for Polyurea in Colorado Springs

WBS Coatings takes pride in being the leading industrial polyurea coating company in Colorado Springs. Our polycoat is a perfect choice for protecting your company’s valuable equipment from corrosion, use wear, and fire or heat. We know that your equipment is what keeps you and your employees earning in Colorado Springs; our polyurea can be walked on within minutes, allowing you to begin working sooner. We thrive on shouldering massive polyurea projects, whether it is pipe, tank, or waste water basin coatings.

Polyurea Containment and Lining Services in Colorado Springs

Polyurea is a great option for a liner in containment structures beneath oil and gas complexes as a backup measure against spills. The polyurea we use dries almost instantly, making it a viable solution for urgent containment situations. Furthermore, polyurea coatings serve as a fantastic lining for industrial tanks and piping. WBS Coatings always places our customers first and will advise you on containment and lining options that will serve you best.

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