Polyurea Coating Services in Greeley, CO

WBS Coatings takes pride in furnishing Greeley with the most durable, impervious to abrasion, and quickest setting polyurea coatings. Useful for many applications from safeguarding against corrosion and abrasion to waterproofing the inside or outside of piping. Since polyurea dries almost immediately, it is a practical option for vertical and horizontal surfaces that require multiple coats to build up a protective layer. Whether you need lining of containers or truck beds, a protective coating for machine parts, or heat and fireproofing, polyurea has a multitude of uses for your Greeley business.

Commercial Applications for Polyurea in Greeley

For high-quality, enduring, commercial polycoat options in Greeley, look no further than WBS Coatings. With the capability of weather extended water exposure, and posing no health concerns for humans or aquatic life, our polyurea coatings are a great option for an office water feature, aquarium or waterpark. Our polyurea coatings will help keep the following from suffering any water or abrasive weather damage: roofs, facades, multi-function decks, and playgrounds. Our quick drying polycoats are great for companies that collect a lot of water in reservoirs—it will seal any leaks and provide erosion protection while reducing the time your equipment is down. Additionally, we offer a wide range of professionally colored polyurea floor coatings. Do not wait for damage to occur, get in contact with WBS Coatings and protect your equipment with the best polyurea coating available in Greeley.

Industrial Applications for Polyurea in Greeley

WBS Coatings is the leading provider of industrial polyurea coatings in Greeley. A polycoat is an excellent choice for a protective lining of truck beds. It is also a viable option for protecting machine parts from heat and corrosion. Time is not a luxury, which is why we use a polyurea coating that can be walked on within minutes of application—keeping your equipment out of commission for as short of time as possible. We thrive on intricate, large scope projects in Greeley, ranging from pipe, tank, to waste water basin polycoats.

Polyurea Containment and Lining Services in Greeley

Polyurea coatings are a great option as a leakproof liner for piping, tanks, or containers. Its most common use is for portable containment units below oil and gas systems as a spill precaution. Polyurea dries rapidly, making it a practical solution for urgent containment. You can rest your faith in our professional polyurea coating experts to handle our containment and lining needs.

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