Heat Resistant Fireproof Paint & Coatings

Many of the coating services we offer are for the long-term protection of your equipment from things like weathering and erosion, however fire is just as real of a hazard as any. At WBS Coatings, we can apply heat resistant paint and spray coatings that will protect your equipment should fire become an issue. Fireproof coating services are an added benefit for many businesses operating heavy and dangerous machinery, whether they are expecting high heat or not during their daily operations. Our fireproof and flame-resistant paint and coating options are great in many scenarios. If you're unsure what this type of project may mean for your business, our experts will work with you to determine if this type of coating option is applicable. Flame-resistant paint and coating options ensure your equipment keeps working right for you for years to come and WBS Coatings is proud to help ensure that's the case. 

The Fireproofing and Intumescent Paint Options You Need

As experts in fireproof paint and intumescent coatings, you’d think the application would be at the top of our minds. However, as with any project, the very first thing that comes to mind is the relationship that we build with every customer. No matter the fireproofing spray options we offer to businesses in Colorado and surrounding states, we promise to always work directly with you. WBS stands for Worth Beyond Spec, and this is much more than just a motto for us. From our perspective, providing quality fireproofing spray coat services is our way of going above and beyond for clients so they know they can rely on us and feel confident in the result time and time again. We’re here to assist you throughout your fireproof coating project needs, all while showing our outstanding appreciation for your work and legacy. Working with the best in intumescent coating and fire-resistant paint services means less worry for you and more long-term use of your equipment. Ensuring the valuable equipment you use every day is flame-resistant, is something worth looking in to and our expert paint team can answer all your questions.

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Give us a call here at WBS Coatings and allow our fireproof coating and painting contractors assist you in ensuring the protection of the equipment that keeps you moving forward. No other company throughout Colorado and serving nearby states has the availability, options, or experience you need to assure a job well done. Knowing that your equipment has been properly fireproofed is no small task so why work with anyone other than the best.

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