Industrial Coating & Painting: Sandblasting Services, Pipeline & Tank Coatings Plus More

Here at WBS Coatings, we accomplish the nitty-gritty from blast specs to millimeters per coat. Our "Big Job DNA" puts us at the top of the list for industrial coatings companies that can handle the great deal of work required for your sized job. This means we can tackle any job regardless of size or strict guidelines as our work ethic and quality industrial painting service makes us your go-to for industrial coating and commercial painting services. Our industrial division, 3P – Energy Field Coatings, is specifically designed to take on large industrial painting and coating jobs. No other industrial coating company brings to the table what we do so, let’s get started!

The Industrial Coating Company You Need

In the world of industrial coatings, you don’t really know what you paid for until a few years pass. You will either find that your industrial coating is still securely bonded and keeping the elements at bay or the opposite. Conversely, you may experience peeling or cracking or, chalkiness is starting to show all meaning money was not spent on a job well done.

The name Providence Pipe Paint (3P), reveals our long-standing partnership with the energy industry and the experience our industrial painting contractors carry. As your choice for an industrial coating and painting services, we like to think of the divisions of the company as aspects of a mountain. Simply put, regarding your industrial paint coatings needs and industrial painting services, our friends call us DENALI. DENALI, referring to the mountain, is our symbol and stands as a reminder of all that we’ve accomplished. We offer a variety of specialized and customized solutions ranging from energy field coatings to industrial paint services. Our scope of work ranges from substrate prep to urethane coatings for abrasive environments. There is no job we can't take on, and our DENALI mindset proves it.

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WBS Coatings and Our Dedication to You

WBS Coatings, your choice in industrial paint coatings, delivers Worth Beyond Spec. Trustworthiness means a lot in this field, as we have come to learn. The failures of outgunned painters may annoy, but we don’t judge – they just don’t know what it takes to go big. When you need a small army to coat your valuable facilities with our industrial coating services, remember our 35+ years of experience, our larger lifts, and a squadron of spray pumps. Our "big job DNA" makes us the strategic favorite when the chips are down, the specs are set, and challenges abound.

As we say, it’s all about the bond. We keep our focus where it should be, right here on your industrial paint coating projects so we can make good on our handshake. When we ink the deal, and you turn us loose to protect your goods, our highest priority is maintaining your trust. This is where our work ethic and team principles enable us to overcome competitors.

Industrial Paint Coatings Available Within Your Area

Talk to your cathodic engineers about industrial paint coatings! These experts, who manage corrosion in metal, know the meaning of coatings inside and out. Industrial commercial painting jobs require great attention to detail and quality service. Our industrial commercial painting contractors are experts in applying paint and spray coatings that will last. We look forward to applying operational safety standards while addressing your assets with our industrial coating services. We are an ISNetWorld contractor and DOT compliant coating company.

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What keeps our customers so loyal is our abiding effort to complete your job in a way that maintains internal standards of coating application performance to a degree of strictness and stringency beyond the requirements of client inspectors. You might say we are hard on ourselves, but we feel this will make you happy when you see the result. If you're looking for an industrial painting company, give us a call today for more information on the industrial paint and coating services that we offer.

About Us

WBS Coating is a national painting and coating company. Our team is experienced polyurea painters and coaters. Our team offers primer industrial coating and painting services for industrial and commercial business.