Municipal Facility Industrial Coatings

Municipal buildings can serve many different services for the local community.  Municipal facilities can range from water distribution centers to public schools. Although the needs between these types of buildings can be vastly different, there is one factor that they all require: safe flooring and finishes. In addition to safety, municipal facilities often have a limited budget as local tax funds are used. For safe and cost-effective methods, WBS Coatings is the most logical way to protect these facilities and the locals inside them. Call today for a consultation!

Time-Saving Industrial Painting

When it comes to industrial painting or any other services performed on a municipal facility, communication and timing is key. Due to the sensitivity of projects using government funding, WBS Coatings understands that communication and little-to-no down time is vital. With our step-by-step process, you can rest assured that you will remain updated from start to finish, beginning with the initial consultation to the final inspection. This allows both contractor and employer to voice concerns and make changes as needed at any stage of the process. For a company you can trust, call WBS Coatings today!

Cost-Effective Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings are a cost-effective way to bring safety and longevity to the surfaces within a building. Our industrial coatings can offer longevity by reducing the natural decay over time. Our coatings also protect from chemical contamination and are moisture-resistant so no chemicals or liquids will be absorbed into the surface, which would damage the space. For money-saving methods in protecting your municipal surfaces call WBS Coatings today!

Diverse Municipal Facility Coatings

Depending on the use of the facility, some building can be more expensive to maintain safety than others. For buildings carrying chemicals or water, WBS Coatings offers a coating with added chemical and moisture resilience. For facilities with large machinery, we provide coatings that reduce friction from heavy pressure and the corrosion that goes along with it. For coatings you can trust, contact WBS Coatings today!

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