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Coating inspection services are extremely important for any line of work as it keeps accountability high and safety a top priority. With WBS Coatings, we don’t just offer coating services; we also offer coating inspection services as well. Whether we performed the initial job or not, we offer coating inspection to clients our clients who are looking to ensure that their job was done well before getting their business back up and running and before using new machinery and equipment. The importance of safety can't be overstated which is why we pride ourselves on the varying coating inspection services we offer.

Coating Inspectors with Quality in Mind

When our team of coating inspectors is on-site looking over your equipment and machinery, they are ensuring that the job was well done and up to safety standards. What qualifies us to be master coating inspectors is the fact that we also perform coating services. As a top coating inspection company, we know what certain materials can do, how they should be applied, what their appearance should be when dry, and much more. We have a leg-up on the competition in that sense which not only allows us to stay accountable when performing coating inspection services as well and when we're applying coatings in the first place. As a premier coating inspection company, no coating inspection detail is left unnoticed. We will convey everything we find and be clear about whether we feel your coatings are secure and done well or if a new application is needed.

A Coating Inspection Company with Service in Mind

Many clients may often feel that their coating inspector is just there to inspect, report and move on. When working with WBS Coatings, we take the coating inspections that we provide to our clients seriously. None of our coating inspectors undervalue how our clients may feel. We know coating services can represent a rather important investment for your business and property and that a setback may mean even more time and money out of your pocket. Nonetheless, we are not here to sugar coat our coating inspections because we want the best for you. We value your time and business and pride ourselves on doing our part to keep your equipment in great shape for years to come, and that's why we are a top coating inspection company.

During our coating inspection process, we will inform you of all findings and why something may or may not be significant. We will be clear in what we advise whether it be to check back on the coating in due time or to get it re-done immediately. As a top coating inspection company, we appreciate honesty and offer nothing less than that to our clients. Operating in this way allows us to form long-lasting relationships with our clients and build a trustworthy partnership that keeps them coming back.

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