Offshore Coating Inspection

Offshore coatings should be essential when you work in offshore drilling or any other industry where offshore equipment is utilized. With equipment such as this, it is imperative that you take that extra step in protection with proper coating and inspection services. Erosion damage can occur at an increased rate with offshore equipment because of the exposure that your offshore equipment takes daily, not to mention the effects of saltwater damage. The bottom line is, the time is now to ensure that your offshore equipment is protected and inspected with the best. Our expert team will perform offshore coating inspection services to ensure your equipment truly is protected and ready to work well for you for years to come. These inspections are essential to ensure a job well done.

Offshore Coating Inspections You Can Count On

Offshore coating inspections can greatly benefit companies who are looking to ensure the protection of necessary equipment for the long-haul. Not only is the coating service a great way to protect your equipment, but you must know it was done properly which is where we come in. Whether we apply the coating ourselves then inspect our own work or inspect coatings you already have in place, we ensure quality is at the forefront and are honest in all our inspection findings.

Our recognition as a premier offshore coating inspection company came from years of hard work and outstanding customer services for every one of our clients. We wanted to tackle new projects using better, more efficient methods so, when you’re looking for the quick fix, you’re in the wrong place. However, when you’re in need of quality long-lasting coating and inspection services tailored to your needs, WBS Coatings is the name you can trust.

Ensuring an Inspection Job Well Done

One of our stand-out qualities is the fact that we work with our clients from beginning to end on every inspection project. When it comes to the execution of offshore coating inspections, we communicate with our clients regarding timelines, expectations, potential roadblocks and much more. We strive to build relationships with all our clients so that they can feel confident in our execution of their offshore coating inspections. An inspection is the last task to be executed before getting your business up and running. The WBS Coatings team is thorough and detailed in our offshore coating inspections so not one detail is missed. We want you to know you can rely on your equipment but more importantly trust our word in telling you so.

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