Bridge, Coating & Weld Inspections in Lafayette, LA

At WBS Coatings in Lafayette, we provide weld inspection, bridge inspection and coating inspections. We always put safety and accountability as high priority, and the inspections and accompanying documentation are just another step we can take to ensure them. We can weld, paint or coat any and all types of equipment, even offshore, and that includes bridges. After any project we can inspect the work, document the inspection, then provide you with that paperwork. Inspection work is another service most companies can’t provide.

Coating and Offshore Coating Inspections Around Lafayette

WBS Coatings in Lafayette knows that coating inspections are important for any and all applications. It keeps safety a top priority and makes sure that accountability is high. We can inspect the work and guarantee that it is up to any and all safety standards that exist. When you restart the equipment and continue operations, you’ll have peace of mind because we disclose all our findings, even the stuff that seems insignificant. That documentation is then presented to you for your records.

Our Lafayette Company Offers Weld Inspections

At WBS Coatings in Lafayette, we believe weld inspections are essential for the long-term resilience of a project. Our inspections test the weld quality, confirming their presence, coverage and location. We look for weld discontinuities, any imperfections in or adjacent to the weld. Welds need to be suitable for their intended application, we deliver to you the peace of mind that they will be exactly that. Our weld inspections are just one more step to ensure you will love working with WBS Coatings in Lafayette.

Bridge Inspections in Lafayette

We take our bridge inspection work very seriously as it is one of the most critical parts of the services we offer around Lafayette. There are the structural components of a bridge and there are utility components, parts like cables, power lines, gas lines and other utilities. We provide an in-depth initial inspection, and the documentation outlining even the smallest, seemingly insignificant, findings. Be it staffing or financial restraints, or even lack of guidance, most state governments only inspect when something is noticed.

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WBS Coatings in Lafayette offers industrial and commercial painting and coating, heat-resistant and fireproof painting, polyurea and intumescent coating and inspections. We are a trusted and friendly name in the industrial and commercial coating world, and we offer the competitive pricing you have come to expect from our company. Our skilled professionals offer a dependable product meticulously installed, and therefore provide you with peace of mind. Don’t wait until you see rust or other damage, reach out to us today.

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WBS Coating is a national painting and coating company. Our team is experienced polyurea painters and coaters. Our team offers primer industrial coating and painting services for industrial and commercial business.