Commercial Painting Contractors in Lafayette, LA

Throughout Lafayette, WBS Coatings provides superlative results when it comes to commercial painting services. Regardless of the scale of your commercial project, our commercial painting contractors are ready to go and get it finished for you. We will be in constant communication with your team to provide the least interruption to their work, while providing you a quality paint job that other companies just can’t match. Let our commercial painting company provide the long-lasting results our customers have come to expect from us.

The History of Our Coating Company in Lafayette

Our commercial painting company in Lafayette has provided quality commercial painting services throughout the United States for well over 35 years. We love the challenges that come with large-scale jobs, and we love the attention to detail we can provide with small-scale jobs. Our team of commercial painting contractors is ready to tackle your job, where we will provide a world-class level of commercial painting services. Very few companies can match the quality of work that we can provide, and we would be honored if you presented with an opportunity to prove it to you.

Lafayette Interior Commercial Painting Services

Around Lafayette, our commercial painting contractors have been painting the interiors of commercial buildings for over 35 years. We create the professional look that exudes what you want your company to convey to both clients and employees. We work directly with your team to provide minimal disruption during the process. Our trained painters will create a result that will last for years to come. We have commercial painting contractors ready to start your project right away, so we encourage you to reach out today.

Exterior Commercial Painting Around Lafayette

The commercial painting contractors at WBS Coatings in Lafayette provide a level of commercial painting services that no other commercial painting company can replicate. We love the challenge of delivering excellence every single time, regardless of the size and scale of the job. Our masterful painters know about application techniques and the chemistry of paint, helping to ensure protection against almost any weather Lafayette can muster. That means the results will be beautiful and vibrant, while at the same time protecting the outside of your building for years to come.

Contact WBS Coatings in Lafayette

WBS Coatings in Lafayette offers industrial and commercial painting and coating, flame-resistant and fireproof painting, polyurea and intumescent coating and inspections. We are a trusted and friendly name in the industrial and commercial coating world, and we offer the competitive pricing you have come to expect from our company. Our skilled professionals offer a dependable product meticulously installed, and therefore provide you with peace of mind. Don’t wait until you see rust or other damage, reach out to us today.

About Us

WBS Coating is a national painting and coating company. Our team is experienced polyurea painters and coaters. Our team offers primer industrial coating and painting services for industrial and commercial business.