Industrial Paint & Coating Company in Lafayette, LA

WBS Coatings in Lafayette is a friendly and trusted name in the industrial coating and painting world. We train our team of professional industrial coatings specialists to be prepared for a wide variety of materials and applications, so they are ready for any job. We are a quality industrial coating company in Lafayette that specializes in industrial coatings for the interior and exteriors of tanks and tank battery, oil and gas pipelines, water management systems, gathering facilities, refineries, EPA contaminants, launchers, tie-ins and sandblasting, and more.

Our Lafayette Industrial Coating Specialists Are Experienced with Gas and Oil Pipelines

WBS Coatings in Lafayette knows industrial paint and industrial coatings like no other company. Our industrial coating services ensure the proper application that comes with years of experience, with high standards and drive guaranteeing a great, proven result. As a quality industrial coating company, we use a fusion bond powder coating process which ensures superior corrosion and weathering management. We are calculated and cautious during our application process so we won’t damage any of the valuable equipment we are coating for you.

Rust and Corrosion, Our Lafayette Coating Company Can Ward Them Off

Weathering and corrosion are top culprits when it comes to serious attacks to the inside or outside of your tanks. The size of your company, large or small, makes no impact on how seriously we your take tank coating needs. We strive to keep your equipment long-lasting and always-operable. As for the launchers and tie-ins, your investments in them shows you seek optimal performance and long-term protection that WBS can provide as a quality industrial coating company. The industrial coating services that we provide to Lafayette are unbeatable.

There Are Many Other Coating Services from Lafayette Company

WBS Coatings in Lafayette offers industrial paint and coating services for a multitude of utilities like oil refinery facilities, where coating is critical every time a new installation is made; EPA containment facilities, where coatings ensure spill-proof retention for duration of set-up; gathering facilities which are essential at sites that carry mass amounts of natural gas and crude oil. We do our own sandblasting to prep the surface for our coatings and can paint or coat most facilities or equipment.

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WBS Coatings in Lafayette offers industrial and commercial painting and coating, flame-resistant and fireproof painting, polyurea and intumescent coating and inspections. We are a trusted and friendly name in the industrial and commercial coating world, and we offer the competitive pricing you have come to expect from our company. Our skilled professionals offer a dependable product meticulously installed, and therefore provide you with peace of mind. Don’t wait until you see rust or other damage, reach out to us today.

About Us

WBS Coating is a national painting and coating company. Our team is experienced polyurea painters and coaters. Our team offers primer industrial coating and painting services for industrial and commercial business.