Polyurea Coating Services in Lafayette, LA

Our Lafayette company uses polyurea coating to waterproof your equipment. The polycoat protects it from damage from abrasion and corrosion while increasing its durability and longevity. It is a fast-enough process that it can be applied vertically or horizontally with rapid recoats. Polyurea coating has applications in aquariums and ponds, roofing, flooring, and any number of other uses. Polycoat is beneficial in industrial, commercial and architectural applications, and even offers great protection for machinery parts and beds.

Lafayette Company’s Linings and Containments

WBS Coating in Lafayette is considered a leader in polyurea coating, we’re proud of that distinction. It gradually came about in the more than 35 years we have been applying polycoat. We have customized the process of polyurea coating for your company’s needs and know how to use it in a wide array of circumstances and can apply it to a vast array of materials. Polyurea provides not just incredible waterproofing properties, it provides amazing protection against corrosion and abrasion.

Industrial Applications in Lafayette

In the 35 years we have been working with polyurea coating, we have become known as a leader in the industry. Without some sort of protection against both the weather around Lafayette and general wear and tear, the life of your equipment can be greatly diminished. We provide polyurea coating for spill containment, bed liners, tank coatings, and much more. We guarantee the proper application so that the polyurea will last our Lafayette clients for years. You will see that the results will speak for itself.

Commercial Applications by An Experienced Company in Lafayette

Over the last 35 years, we have become a leader in commercial coating services. During that time, we have updated our polyurea application methods, pushing ourselves to do better and provide longer-lasting results. Our employees in Lafayette have a deep understanding of the application process. Polyurea has uses in many commercial applications like ponds, aquariums, roofs, floors and more. Let us show you why we are a leader in our field and prove the long-lasting durability of polyurea.

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WBS Coatings in Lafayette offers industrial and commercial painting and coating, flame-resistant and fireproof painting, polyurea and intumescent coating and inspections. We are a trusted and friendly name in the industrial and commercial coating world, and we offer the competitive pricing you have come to expect from our company. Our skilled professionals offer a dependable product meticulously installed, and therefore provide you with peace of mind. Don’t wait until you see rust or other damage, reach out to us today.

About Us

WBS Coating is a national painting and coating company. Our team is experienced polyurea painters and coaters. Our team offers primer industrial coating and painting services for industrial and commercial business.