Bridge, Coating & Weld Inspections in Laramie, WY

Successfully completing inspections requires a highly discernable eye to truly assess the viability of a product or service. With over 35 years of serving local business in Laramie, WBS Coatings has tested and determined the high-quality standards that businesses should meet in order to truly reach the full potential of product. For more information concerning our inspection services, please call WBS Coatings in Laramie today!

Laramie’s Thorough Weld Inspection Services

Weld inspection is not a simple one step visual process. Weld inspection starts with the first step, preparation. We make sure we are prepared to determine if the welds were completed properly and the structure that was welded is safe. Afterwards, welded products will go through multiple tests to discover the levels of safety, durability, and uniformity. Several different tests can be performed to determine these characteristics. For more information on tests that we can conduct for your Laramie business, give us a call at WBS Coatings today!

Longevity Focused Bridge Inspections in Laramie

The bridge inspection process takes similar steps as our welding inspections. The inspection begins with analyzing the prep and paperwork of the bridge. The process will continue through every stage of construction and repairs will be re-inspected as well. When the product is finished, several tests will be issued to measure the weight limit, longevity, and safety of the bridge. To learn more about our Laramie bridge inspections, contact us at WBS Coatings today.

Detailed Coating Inspections of Laramie

Our coating inspections at WBS Coatings in Laramie begin with analyzing the surface before coating. Inspecting this will determine the coating mixture necessary, set time, and down time. This stage of inspection is especially useful for business planning of any changes and the expenses associated with those changes. Inspections will carry on during the install and afterwards. Coating inspections can provide information on durability, UV stability, temperature maintenance and more. To book a coating inspection in Laramie, contact WBS Coatings today!

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