Industrial Paint & Coating Company in Missouri

We’re an industrial coating company that’s proud to offer a variety of services in Missouri. WBS Coatings is many people’s first choice when they need work done, because they know we provide quality workmanship that lives up to safety standards and client satisfaction. Ranging from industrial paint to sandblasting, we have the experience and knowledge to get whatever you need done. We’ve never been a company to run from a challenge, so we are eager to take on any project you have in Missouri.  

Quality Industrial Coatings from a Missouri Company

Wherever you are in Missouri, we are ready to conduct whatever industrial coating services you need competed. Just give us the specifications of your project and we’ll get to work performing top-notch sandblasting service. Our tank coating is applied at a low temperature creating mass performing lining that lasts longer, and the industrial coatings we apply keep tanks resistant to structural damage and weather. Safety and attention to detail are our team’s priority throughout every step of our sandblasting and industrial painting work in Missouri.

Industrial Coating Company for Big Projects

There are a few different ways to describe our dedication to completing difficult projects. We like to say it is in our “big job DNA” to tackle large-scale projects, because industrial coating services are actually our specialty in Missouri. We’re ready to jump into big outfit whenever you call. Our drive to always do better has led to us developing the most efficient methods and techniques over our three decades in business.  

Providing Missouri with Service That is “Worth Beyond Spec”

What makes us stand out at WBS Coatings is our dedication to do quality work that adds value to your operations, and you see as an invaluable investment. At our core is the drive to deliver consistent performance that Missouri businesses can trust. Our team of professionals are trained to use proven techniques so they can do excellent work for every industrial paint and coating job. With over 35 years as an industrial coating company, we have a long list of satisfied clientele, and would love to add you to it.

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Give us a call at WBS Coatings to talk about your industrial project. We believe that every company has a story worth fighting for, so we're here to bring you quality coating services at a competitive price. Allow our highly-skilled coating professionals to afford you the ultimate protection in business safety with all the services and options we offer in Missouri. Don't wait for damage to occur to ensure the protection and safety of your equipment; call us now.

About Us

WBS Coating is a national painting and coating company. Our team is experienced polyurea painters and coaters. Our team offers primer industrial coating and painting services for industrial and commercial business.