Heat Resistant Paint & Fireproof Spray in New Mexico

Fires are one of the biggest dangers to New Mexico businesses. Some fires spread more quickly than others and some fires may not start at all if they are small and run into heat resistant or fireproof paint. Why not try to stop the problem before it starts? WBS Coatings specializes in fireproofing spray to protect the structures and equipment that matter most to your New Mexico business.

What is Intumescent Paint and What Can It Do for New Mexico Clients?

Why is intumescent paint important in New Mexico? It is paint that expands when heated rather than catching fire. This is why it is considered a form of fireproof paint. It doesn’t react to fire until it is 248 degrees Fahrenheit, and even then it doesn’t catch fire. It begins to expand and create a layer of soft char that lowers the temperature and it releases moisture which further reduces the temperature. This type of passive fire protection is part of a well-rounded approach to fire safety. New Mexico businesses should consider WBS Coatings as a valuable partner in the constant fight against fire.

Providing You Peace of Mind with Heat Resistant Paint

With heat resistant paint all over your New Mexico business, you can be confident that in case of an emergency, the paint will help alleviate the problems instead of contributing to it. Risk mitigation is common in business. You spend time considering risks specific to your business in New Mexico and actions to alleviate them. Let WBS Coatings apply a coat of heat resistant paint to help maintain your peace of mind.

Trusted Fireproofing Spray in New Mexico

Sprayed Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) such as intumescent paint, more commonly known as fireproof paint, is a type of passive protection against fires. One of the most important functions of fireproofing spray in protecting your New Mexico business is the protection of concrete or steel structures during a fire. This protection helps ensure concrete and steel stay cool during a fire and are less likely to fail under pressure. New Mexico can be a very dry place at times and with the heat, it helps to have paint that can withstand such extreme temperatures. This helps the paint last longer with less fading, cracking, chipping, or peeling.

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