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Unless you are familiar with polyurea, you may not be able to truly understand its unusual properties and wide variety of applications. Polyurea coatings are generally used for a few different reasons. For instance, polyurea coating provides the ultimate protection in damage associated with things like abrasion and corrosion. Polyurea coating can also aid in waterproofing your equipment. Poly coating is not only great when trying to prevent corrosion from water or chemical penetrations; the application is fairly quick. Poly coat dries rather quickly which means we can apply the coating on horizontal and vertical surfaces and do so several times to a desired thickness all while getting you back in business sooner than later. Our experienced team is well-versed in poly coat and believes in the benefits and uses it has.

Poly Coating for Your Equipment’s’ Protection

Poly coating will ensure the durability and life of the equipment you rely on. Our polyurea spray coating process offers reliable and long-lasting results. Rest assured that your equipment is free of cracks, leaks, corrosion or abrasion when using our polyurea coating system. Trust our professional team and know you’ll get only the best poly spray services as well as top-notch customer service

Our “big job DNA” drove us to hunt for the most durable, abrasion resistant, fastest setting coatings product around and we have it ready for you. However, before you can make your final decision, let’s consider our history first. For over 35 years we have provided outstanding poly spray services to areas throughout the U.S, and somewhere along the way, we became a staple in the coating industry. The challenge of consistent performance drove our mission to reinvent the criteria that should be applied to assess a big poly coating outfit. We wanted to tackle new projects using better, more efficient methods.

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You Are Our Focus from Beginning to End

One of the most significant things that we offer our clients is attentiveness through all aspects of the poly coating project. We're here to assist you with the products and polyurea coating services you need for your business or property. Ensuring the poly coating is a success involves our helping you through the entire process from job detail dial-in, setting budget, generating cost-savings, raising potential coatings plan gaps and communicating all the way through final inspection. We know how to get the job done here at WBS Coatings, and we would love the opportunity to prove it to you. Not only do we offer quality polyurea spray coating services, we guarantee communication every step of the way as we know the importance of the investment you’ve made with us.

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The WBS Coatings team brings experience and quality to our polyurea spray applications. No poly coat job is too big for our professional and skilled experts. We're here to bring you quality polyurea coating services, at the competitive pricing you'd expect from Colorado's most trusted coating company. Allow our highly skilled professionals to bring you the ultimate protection in business safety with our options in polyurea coating, as well as the additional polyurea applications that we provide to Colorado and nearby states. Get ahead of equipment issues by ensuring you’re set up for success from the get-go. No one knows poly coating like WBS Coatings and our service is unmatched. Get in contact with us today!

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WBS Coating is a national painting and coating company. Our team is experienced polyurea painters and coaters. Our team offers primer industrial coating and painting services for industrial and commercial business.