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WBS Coatings has been in the business of providing unparallel coating services for more than three decades. We are often asked what the largest project we can handle in San Antonio is; our response is that if it can be built, we can paint it, coat it with polyurea, fireproof it, or a mix of all the above. Our mobile operations make it so our contractors can come to you in San Antonio, no matter how remote of a location it is. WBS Coatings thrives on challenges and promises world-class customer service in San Antonio.

Industrial Painting Contractors in San Antonio

The industrial painting contractors on staff at WBS Coatings can provide a protective layer to your equipment and machinery that will stand up to any of San Antonio’s weather patterns. We check every box, making sure that the surface of your equipment is properly prepared so the coating will adhere correctly and last for years. Our San Antonio contractors have years of experience painting pipelines, exterior tanks, water management systems, launchers, tie-ins, and more. Do not be afraid to challenge us, as we love conquering new tasks.

San Antonio Commercial Painting Work

We strive to be a commercial painting company you trust in San Antonio, and it is our goal to create lasting relationships with our customers. Through diligence, creativity, and old-fashioned elbow grease, our painting contractors can successfully meet any commercial painting need. In addition to the interior and exterior painting we do in San Antonio, we also offer commercial fireproof and intumescent paints. Sound environmental practices are at the foundation of our company, and our painters apply a “Green Seal Standard” to every project.

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San Antonio Inspection Services

Inspection is the one of the most valuable services WBS Coatings offers in San Antonio. We can examine the quality of either our own work or work done by other companies with fairness and professionalism. Our team can not only do coating inspections but are also qualified to inspect welds and bridges in San Antonio. If anything arises that may be of concern, we will implement a plan to correct the issue.

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Our professional coating and painting contractors are here to bring you the quality commercial coating and painting services you need, at competitive pricing. Don't wait for damage to show itself to ensure the protection and safety of your property and equipment; contact WBS Coatings today!

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WBS Coating is a national painting and coating company. Our team is experienced polyurea painters and coaters. Our team offers primer industrial coating and painting services for industrial and commercial business.