Polyurea Coating Services in San Antonio, TX

WBS Coatings takes pride in equipping places in San Antonio with durable, abrasion-resistant, rapid-setting polyurea coatings. Polycoat is useful for a slew of applications in San Antonio, ranging from waterproofing lining or coating to shielding equipment from corrosion. Since this type of coating dries almost instantly, it is not only practical but perfect for vertical and horizontal surfaces requiring multiple buildup layers. Whether you need to line your truck beds, protect your machine parts, or make things heat or fire proof, polyurea has a use within your San Antonio business.

Commercial Applications for Polyurea in San Antonio

When it comes to long-lasting commercial polyurea coating in San Antonio, WBS Coatings has you covered. Polycoat is capable of handling extended water exposure and poses no adverse health concerns to humans or animals, making it great for a lobby pond, aquarium, or waterpark. Therefore, it will also work well to protect roofs, facades, multi-function decks, and playgrounds in San Antonio from things like abrasion or water damage. Additionally, we can apply polyurea coating to a wide range of flooring types in San Antonio to keep it protected and extend its longevity in high-trafficked areas.

Polycoat for San Antonio Industrial Sites

WBS Coatings is trusted San Antonio industrial polyurea coating company. Polycoat is a great choice for adding a protective liner to equipment, machine parts, or even things like truck beds that could benefit from extra layers of durability. We understand that time is a precious resource, so we use a polyurea coating that dries and can receive contact within minutes of application, keeping your equipment out of commission for as little time as possible. WBS Coatings thrives on complex, large magnitude, projects in San Antonio, no matter if it’s for piping, tanks, containment units, or waste water basins.

Polyurea Containment and Lining in San Antonio

Polyurea coating is a viable option as a leakproof liner for pipes, tanks, and containment units. Most commonly, polyurea is used for portable containments stationed below oil and gas systems to manage spills. The product dries quickly, making it useful for rapid containment and great for application on all sorts of material. You can rest assured that our professional coating experts will handle any containment and lining job you have in San Antonio.

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