Heat Resistant Paint & Fireproof Spray in Shreveport, LA

Our coating services can help protect your equipment from more than just erosion and weathering if you have us apply fireproof paint. This product provides long-term protection to prevent dangerous fire hazards and lower the chances of your industrial site going up in flames. Our team of experts will assess the features of your property in Shreveport and determine if intumescent and heat resistant applications are the right solution.

WBS Coatings is Here to Help in Shreveport

Like many of the coating services we offer, fireproofing spray and heat resistant paint can extend the working life of your equipment. While this process is great for lowering chances of things catching on fire, it’s also great for safeguarding heavy machinery from heat. If you unsure whether your property and possessions could benefit from this, WBS Coatings’ professionals in Shreveport can answer all your questions. We’ve become one of the most recognized names in the fireproof and intumescent paint industry over our 35 years of operations, and we can use our in-depth knowledge to help protect your equipment.

Industrial Fireproofing Spray and Heat Resistant Paint

We never shy away from a project because of its scope or size, so no matter what you need done, WBS Coatings can do it with quality and care. Our team brings excellent work ethic and professionalism to every single fireproofing spray job we do in Shreveport. We have heat resistant paint options that are great for the weather in Shreveport and will stand up to all your operations. When you hire WBS, you get industrial service you can trust and the satisfaction of knowing that the intumescent paint or fireproof paint that’s bene applied will keep your equipment functioning.

Shreveport’s Choice for Commercial Fireproofing

Here at WBS Coatings, we live by our name, which stands for “Worth Beyond Spec”. When you work with us, you get to choose between the best options in heat-resistant and fireproof paint for commercial application. WBS Coatings is a trusted company that’s here to serve Shreveport clients with commercial fireproofing services that ensure the endurance of their equipment. We use the most efficient methods for applying fireproofing spray, without losing the customer service that puts us above the rest.

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