Bridge, Coating & Weld Inspections in Wisconsin

While WBS Coatings is a painting and coating company, we also provide another valuable service: inspections. We conduct inspections of coatings, bridges, and welds in Wisconsin. Whether it is work completed by our own contractors or those of another company, our assessments are always unbiased, professional, and hold safety as our focus. If we notice any issues during our examinations, we will provide you with a plan on how to remedy the concerns. It is our goal to build long-term connections with our clients so that WBS Coatings becomes the company they turn to whenever they need an inspection done in Wisconsin.

Experienced Bridge Inspection Company in Wisconsin

WBS Coatings provides high-quality bridge inspections to Wisconsin companies so that they can rest assured knowing their facilities are safe for use. We take pride in being a preferred named in the Wisconsin inspection industry. All our examinations are performed with a strict attention to detail and safety as priority to give you an honest assessment of your bridge’s structural integrity. Our commitment to customer service and keeping clients informed along the way is what distinguishes us from other bridge inspection companies in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Weld Inspections and Certifications

The weld inspections provided by WBS Coatings are ideal for companies looking to document and certify any welding work that was done at their property in Wisconsin. Because safety can never be over emphasized, we believe our examinations services are invaluable to business owners in Wisconsin. It is our goal to guarantee that your welds have been properly implemented and that your equipment and products can be reliably used. A quality welder is not cheap, and our weld inspections are a simple measure to confirm that you made a wise investment.

Coating Inspections in Wisconsin to Check Workmanship

We not only apply coatings in Wisconsin, but also offer coating inspections. Whether WBS coatings applied the coating or a different company did, we assure that all assessments in Wisconsin will be administered in a fair and professional manner. A coating inspection from us will help you know immediately if your investment can withstand the test of time or if you need it to be reinforced. No customer concern is too small for our inspectors to consider—it is our goal to provide you with confidence in your coatings.

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