Polyurea Coating Services in Wisconsin

WBS Coatings provides durable, quick-drying, corrosion-resistant, polyurea coatings to Wisconsin. We use products that have a wide array of useful applications, from waterproofing and weatherproofing to protection from abrasion. Because this type of coating dries within moments of application, it makes a practical solution for vertical and horizontal surfaces that require a buildup of multiple layers. Polyurea is sure to be of benefit somewhere at your Wisconsin facility, whether you need protection for flooring, a tank liner, or to secure the surface of your expensive equipment.

Polycoat for Commercial Use in Wisconsin

WBS Coatings has your Wisconsin business covered when it comes to high-quality, long lasting polyurea coatings. Polycoat can withstand extended water exposure and is not toxic, so it can be used for ponds, aquariums, and waterparks without causing harm to those in the water. It’s qualities for providing excellent leak and corrosion protection are also ideal for Wisconsin companies that store a large amount of liquids in reservoirs. Furthermore, Polycoat works as a floor covering, truck bed liner, and coating for equipment, and is available in a multitude of professional colors.

Using Polyurea at Wisconsin Industrial Facilities

WBS Coatings is a quality industrial coating company in Wisconsin. We are capable of doing large scale industrial jobs in Wisconsin such like oil and gas systems, pipe fences, or holding tanks, or applying polyurea at commercial sites as a protective layer for roofs, facades, decks, and jungle gyms. We understand that time is a finite resource for businesses, which is why our polyurea coatings can support weight within minutes of application. The product’s rapid drying feature allows you to get back to production in Wisconsin sooner.

Containment and Lining in Wisconsin

If you are looking for a water-tight liner for pipes, tanks, and containment units, polyurea is a great solution. The product’s main use is for lining containment units that are stationed below oil and gas systems to control spills. This type of coating dries almost immediately, making it a great solution for rapid spill control. Our coating professionals on staff in Wisconsin have the expertise to tackle any of your company’s containment or lining needs.

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