WBS stands for Worth Beyond Spec, and this is the heart of what we stand for and who we are as we respectfully enter your view. When you pay for commercial or industrial coatings work you expect value, you expect worth, and you expect performance. You provide us the specifications or ‘Specs,’ and expect that you receive the job completed as ordered. With WBS Coatings you receive more than this, you get the trade work you want properly accomplished. Worth Beyond Spec is added value. Worth Beyond Spec is trustworthiness that gives you peace of mind.

3P Energy Field Coatings

Energy Field Coatings is our official title for the wide variety of energy field coatings we perform here. 3P, our industrial division, is dialed-in to the special application circumstances, spec range and safety requirements the energy industry requires. We are an ISNetWorld contractor and DOT compliant.

Denali Coatings Command. “Denali” for short.

Something about our company DNA loves big jobs. We call this our Big Job DNA. We thrive on the tougher, larger jobs that many paint companies cannot accomplish. It takes focus and a lot of communication to deliver these greater challenge tasks on time and done right the first time, and challenge fuels our passion. When you don’t want to hear excuses about how the scope of a job exceeded operational capability, turn to the mountain, Denali Coatings Command.

We understand the unique features of top size commercial and industrial coatings; the equipment needs are specialized, and the organizational leadership and management systems must accommodate the greater scope. Our big job DNA puts all projects within reach. “It is all about the Bond.” Our word to you, our valued client, drives our elevated commitment to surface preparation and the durability of the coatings we deliver. It is good to meet you, thank you for entering our cyberspace, we look forward to doing business.

Consider Our History

We didn’t become a trusted leader in the painting industry overnight; it happened somewhere along the way in our more than 35 Years of operating. Our work ethic got the better of us. The challenge of consistent performance drove our mission to reinvent the criteria that should be applied to evaluate a big paint outfit. We wanted to accomplish new things in better, more efficient ways and kept showing up each morning to push the envelope.

Companies go through phases. We are benefitted by having Aaron DeRose, a second-generation advanced coater technician and expert estimator as General Manager. He has relied on his drive and experience as a hands-on-worker, foreman, and trainer to develop an expanded team of excellent coatings and operational personnel. While you may not want to interact directly with a vat of high tech paint, dealing with Aaron gives you professional access to maximum industry competence. Please check out our website fully to get a sense of the scope of projects we have successfully delivered! And remember, our years of accomplishment mean only one thing to us today – your satisfaction on our next project.

Consider our Capabilities

Remote locations are an engaging challenge. We go where your assets exist to apply commercial and industrial coatings using specialized equipment and best practices as your unique project may require. Please don’t feel you are putting us out; rather you are offering us the opportunity to excel against special obstacles. Driven by the changing needs of our industry, Denali has not only adopted but helped pioneer sustainable environmental practices. We apply “Green Seal Standards,” and we don’t wait for required change. We built our business around sound environmental practices.

Give WBS Coatings a Call Today!

One of our most essential core capabilities is serving our clients through all aspects of the relationship. Ensuring coatings success involves our helping you through the entire process from job detail dial-in, determining budget numbers, generating cost-saving solutions, raising potential coatings plan gaps and communicating with your empowered agents from surface preparation through final inspection. Our team of estimators and project managers is field tested and understand the proper correlation between bid documents and real-world job delivery. Our central roots are firmly established in Western Colorado, and our big job DNA, industry knowledge, and experience in expanded operational systems set us apart from our competition. Give us a call to discuss having us put an operating foot on the location of your assets. We look forward to delivering on the real meaning in our handshake.

About Us

WBS Coating is a national painting and coating company. Our team is experienced polyurea painters and coaters. Our team offers primer industrial coating and painting services for industrial and commercial business.