Commercial Painting Services

We most enjoy our commercial painting services when applied on a large scale. Our big job DNA brings within reach any stretch you may require from a coatings firm. WBS Coatings, your choice in commercial painting services, is the only coatings contractor you will ever need. Here at your number one option in commercial painting services, we’re focused on maintaining excellent commercial painting services and customer relationships.

WBS Coatings and Our History

Through our 35+ year history in commercial painting services, complex projects have come to successful completion through the diligence, creativity and good old-fashioned hard work of our commercial painting contractors. We regularly tackle the detailed specifications for commercial painting regarding government school safety standards, hospital X-ray facility stipulations, fire service engine torque VS bay floor epoxy and meet any and all extreme or specialized service standards. Our experience in commercial painting, organization and leadership development strategies have proven effective in a wide range of territories, climates, and extenuating circumstances. We showcase some of our commercial painting projects throughout our site and in our gallery. Get a feel for us as a professional painting company and see the quality painting services we offer first-hand.

Other Services We Offer

DENALI Coatings Command with WBS Coatings

Powerful paint solutions offered by our commercial painting company require careful coordination and strategic planning that superintendents can admire. Don’t let little fly-by-night fish tangle your project progression – turn to the mountain; DENALI Coatings Command with WBS Coatings.

DENALI is almost even a motto showing our drive and appreciation for the big commercial painting projects that we take on every day. Whether we're coating or offering painting services, no job is too big for our expert team to take on.  Finding reliable and quality professional commercial painters can be a big task. With WBS, you can be confident in our work, our customer service, and the quality results you will receive.

Quality Painting Services and The Drive That Fuels Us

We don’t want your money unless you get real bang for your buck. Quality at the large project commercial level doesn’t happen by magic. Our vendors don’t seem to offer a product that jumps out of cans onto walls. This means we need to pony-up as human beings have done through the centuries measuring out discipline and fine-tuned skill against the construction or maintenance task at hand.

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While we have cutting-edge technology to aid us in our painting services and other projects, at the end of the day, it is our field team that oversees and applies the vast production and final touch. We know it matters to you that we back our handshake by hand. That is Worth Beyond Spec. Give us a call today here at WBS Coatings, your choice commercial painting company for more information on our services and commercial painting contractors available within your area.

About Us

WBS Coating is a national painting and coating company. Our team is experienced polyurea painters and coaters. Our team offers primer industrial coating and painting services for industrial and commercial business.