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Potable Water Sandblasting, Painting, Coating & Cleaning Services: Internal & External Tank Coating, Tank Lining, System Maintenance Services & More

Potable water systems are designed to provide safe and drinkable water for human consumption. These systems consist of a network of pipes, pumps, valves, and other equipment that transport water from a source to various points of use, such as hotels, businesses, schools, and hospitals. In addition to providing safe drinking water, potable water systems are also crucial for maintaining good hygiene. As a commercial painting company, we take pride in knowing that our work can help ensure our clients have access to safe water for everyday activities such as hand washing, bathing, and cleaning dishes.

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Selecting The Best Coating Type for Your Potable Water Tank

We collaborate with our clients as a trusted industrial painting company to determine the most suitable coating for their potable water tanks. We offer a range of options, including Epoxy, ceramic, and polyurethane coatings. Epoxy coatings are preferred because of their superior chemical resistance and adhesion. However, if the tank is exposed to harsh environmental conditions, polyurethane coatings may be more appropriate. Finally, selecting industry coating solutions that creates a leak proof barrier and seal all gaps for potable water tanks is important.

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When choosing a potable water tank coating, it's essential to consider a few important factors to ensure that you get the right product for your needs. Here at WBS Coatings, durability is one of the most important factors we consider. A durable coating will ensure your water tank lasts long without frequent repairs or replacement. Another factor to consider is chemical resistance. This is why, for all our industry coating projects, we use a coating that’s resistant to any chemicals that may be present in the water to prevent damage or contamination.

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Increase Your Tank’s Lifespan With Our Industrial Inspection Services

Maintenance and repair are crucial to extending the lifespan of your potable water tank coating. Regular industrial inspection services and cleaning can help identify and address issues before they become significant problems. When repairs are necessary, using high quality materials and working with an experienced commercial painting company to ensure a proper application is essential. Additionally, our team at WBS Coatings always applies a protective coating to help prevent damage and prolong the lifespan of your tank.

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