We’ve taken the time to outline some common questions we are faced with. Please explore our FAQ section below if you’ve had similar questions. If your inquiry is not addressed below, contact us directly!

How Fast Can WBS Coatings Mobilize to Take Over a Project?

We strive to maintain manpower and equipment resource margins, so we are ready and able to step in on your behalf when you need us. We have customized our hiring, training, and safety management systems to enable us to flow into a new project seamlessly. By extending our field leadership, splitting current resources and quickly adding to the team, we can adjust as needed to fill the demand.  For an estimate on a specific step-in time frame, please contact us with any relevant details.

Does WBS Coatings Provide Sandblasting Service?

Yes. We also perform a wide variety of blast operations to ensure that you'll meet your project specifications. We can take care of projects of all sizes. From small blast tasks up to the largest of industrial energy field structures, WBS Coatings can help you out.  Please note, we do not currently perform off-shore blast and coat.

We’ve Had Issues with Blast & Coating Services. What Makes WBS Coatings a Top Company in the Industrial Coating Industry?

Experience, greater operational capacity, and our developed team. Our team correctly interprets constantly evolving environmental factors and site requirements to ensure smooth applications and project progress on all job sites. Our communication with our clients is second to none. As you review and evaluate our mission statement, you see that we are largely transparent and inside-out in terms of our emphasis on the principles whereby we grow and manage our team.  Our emphasis on excellence in leadership, field communication, and principles at work gives us many advantages over the competition.  Additionally, our staff features a QCR, Quality Control Representative, who monitors our projects and provides you a security and confidence liaison while work is in process.

How Large of a New Construction Building Project Can WBS Coatings Accommodate?

Any size. If you can build it or have it built, we can accomplish the coatings component in a professional manner and with the quality results you want to see in the final walk-through inspection.

Are You Able to Perform Quality Control and Inspections?

Yes.  Our anchorage in detailed quality requirements is part of what makes us different.  We can perform our own quality control oversight and can inspect our own project work across a wide array of inspection criteria.  We also regularly collaborate with client inspectors and third-party quality control authorities as may be required.

Give WBS Coatings a Call Today!

It is our abiding effort towards the accomplishment of quality control to maintain internal standards of coating application performance to a degree of strictness and stringency beyond the requirements of client inspectors. You might say we are hard on ourselves, but we feel this will make you happy when you see the result. If you're looking for an industrial painting company, give us a call today for more information about the industrial paint and coating services that we offer.

About Us

WBS Coating is a national painting and coating company. Our team is experienced polyurea painters and coaters. Our team offers primer industrial coating and painting services for industrial and commercial business.