Industrial Coatings for Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing contributes to a large portion of the American economy for a reason. Manufacturing yields larger returns when the product remains pristine and uniform across the entire inventory. To secure the value of your inventory and future of your company there are several steps that can be taken. The best option is using high-quality manufacturing facility industrial coatings. With over 30 years of experience coating facilities and equipment, WBS Coatings has the knowledge to protect your assets in a more refined and cost-effective way.

Benefits of Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings can serve several different purposes when protecting your materials. Industrial coatings on equipment can protect from premature erosion due to moisture as well as combat the friction of heavy high-pressure loads. Coatings can also protect from high temperatures caused by the friction of fast-moving parts and reduce corrosion. Other options can provide added chemical resistance for less cross-contamination during production. With our diverse services and products, WBS Coatings is prepared to bring all these benefits to your company, with the savings included!

A Communicative Manufacturing Facility Industrial Coatings Company

There are several characteristics that contribute to a healthy professional relationship and at WBS Coatings, we believe communication is the most important one. We train our personnel to be at the ready during every step of the process. This means you can depend on immediate assistance when building a budget, choosing solutions, and both before and after the final inspection. We know these communications can go far, providing peace of mind at all stages. For friendly and helpful customer service, call WBS Coatings today!

Coatings to Save Your Budget

Making major modifications to expensive tools and supplies can be a worrisome endeavor. That’s why it’s important to work with a contractor that is experienced and certified to perform such modifications. At WBS Coatings, our personnel go through extensive training and vetting so that you can rest assured your equipment will come out better than you expected.

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